“ADV150 Custom Vol.7 Handle Grip Exchange”

ADV150 Custom Vol.7

~ Handle grip replacement ~

Replace this for DAYTONA.

The length of the grip of the ADV150 is 115mm.

There are not many options for commercial grips.

If you search for a length of 115mm on the net, you can find it, but you will find it for moped. 。 。

Purchase after confirming that the length and inner diameter (left and right) are fine.

The left side should be replaced normally, so the exchange work is omitted.

It was like this ♪

Let’s start on the right.

Remove the bar end weight and remove the original grip to the throttle sleeve.

As shown in the photo, the flange is formed at the root and tip of the grip, which fits in the original grip groove.

The red frame of the root side is the groove.

There 바카라 is no groove on the daytona grip.

The tip side here is also a groove on the daytona grip.

Since this flange is required, it is removed using nippers, cutters, and file while curing to prevent scratches.

It has become flat.

The tip side will also delete the flange.

Insert the grip and complete.

Since the protrolle sleeve is formed, it does not slip (spin) without adhesive.

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