“Airfield Athena 70 Test Flight on September 22nd”


There is a little wind, but it is a forecast that it will be stronger in the afternoon

Go to the airfield a little earlier than usual.

I passed by Mr. Patani in front of the airfield.

I flighted 1, but the wind is getting stronger, so no one is there

He said he would return, but he decided to turn back.

After all, the airfield is already blowing around 5m, but as scheduled

To fly Athena 70.

Check the check and the range check of each ramp with 바카라카지노 Mr. 〇ya

Get off immediately.

The elevator is a little down, so it’s a trim.

Erlon Ladder is generally unadjusted and OK, but the sky is quite windy

Is it necessary to re -adjusted when it is a breeze because it’s strong

Just raise the throttle around the motor

There is a chattering sound, so I will check it later

Tani -san also fly and roll from the lap flight.

I saw how I interweaved the knife edge, etc., but it was particularly a problem.

There is no time to land without any

If you fix it and raise the throttle, you will still hear a chattering sound.

Also around the cowl around the mount and motor

There is no play or loose

I can’t get the cause because there is a well -balanced pera and a balance

To reconfirm after returning

Mr. 〇 〇 came here

Because it is a windy forecast, it does not bring a scale machine, so it is a sports system

We assemble a scale machine.

Furthermore, Mr. 〇oka, a large veteran, came, but even more

No visitors

The wind is around 8m, and there is no calm in Apollo 50

He is not very interesting because he is tossed by the wind. NEX is also fluttering

It was fun to enjoy nearby.

The other day, I repaired my mother’s 🚗 minicar

Take it to the dealer,

With a compact car borrowed on the spot ⛰

Mountain road drive‼ ️

The small turn is effective and it’s good

Procply Japanese confectionery at the Road Station in Nagai City ♬

Mini Afternoon Tea at home

Home 🏡 Respect for the elderly, every year from the city

Celebration with red and white buns, plus, sushi ✨✨✨

Mazda Official Website

Tourism Exchange Center

Road Station River only Nagai

◉ “Mother’s Day ☆ Mother’s Afternoon Tea ☆ Sencha ☆ Salon Tea with Green Tea Tea Pot Salon Tea ☆ Home Salon de Te”

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🇮🇹fiat🚘500X Cross💃 (*≧ ∪ 먹튀검증사이트 ≦*) ❤️

◉ “311 ☆ Italian FIAT ☆ Women and SUV vehicles ☆ 500X Cross & Sport ☆ Cowholes and concealment work”

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◉ “BAROQUE ☆ Powell Piccolo 14k Key ☆ America ☆ S.Reich”

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◉ “Autumn ☆ Lefreque Solid 24k & Platinum ☆ Old FL & PICC ☆”

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◉ “World Heritage ☆ Versailles Palace ☆ France ☆ Late Baroque style ☆ A gentle pitch and range ♬ ☆ Baroque pitch”

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🇬🇧 New ☆ Women’s Prime Minister’s birth 👩 …

→ Queen Elizabeth

🇯🇵 Former Prime Minister Abe, shooting by an operative, died

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka bankruptcy, the prime minister has resigned, …

Around these people

What happened?

What will happen from now on?

I will pray for the souls. 。

🚢✈️🇯🇵 Tourism revival!

Terrorist and IR🎰 casino

In the nearby overseas countries, internal conflicts, 🪖

Russian 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 …

“Natural healing power ❤️🩹🐶🩹🐶”

It doesn’t seem to be a real family, but …

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◉ “Jesuits and World Heritage ☆ Vatican and Japan ☆ From military to art ☆ What is the world strategy of Buddhism ☆ SDGs?”

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TOKYO 2020🇯🇵 has ended, but …

Now, the serious “COVID-19🦠 problem”

2020 “WHO 311 Pandemic Declaration”

J.S.BACH “Ciaccona”

◉ “STAY HOME ☆ Pandemic ☆ 311 Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction prayer Mass & worship ☆ Internet distribution”

I love ❤️ flute

Narimonoflute ❤️ Akiko Kobayashi

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