Call for fortune with Loewe’s Totoro wallet. [Find this month’s lucky wallet! ]

“If you want to renew your wallet on a lucky day coming to Golden Week, pay attention to the Loewe capsule collection” Totoro “. Let’s entrust good luck to a cocktail motif full of resort mood. Check the Lucky Day during the holidays, such as one thousands of days on April 29 & May 2, and the day of the Tora on May 1, with the calendar at the end of the sentence. Enjoy the resort feeling of Ibiza with a wallet. [Product Name] Totoro Zip Wallet [Brand] Loewe (Loewe) [Product Details] Ghibli works that do not know, “My Neighbor Totoro” and Loewe’s hot collaboration have been announced. A wallet with a lovely drawn by Totoro and McClossuke. Size: weight: 0.11 kg height (cm): 11 width (cm): 9 depth (cm): 2.5 Materials: Classic calf Others: ・ Eight card slots, 1 barge pocket for memo -1 calf sculpture cracker. With zipper coin compartments, curfskin lining, embossed anagram, Loewe Studio GHIBLI Emboss, Made in Spain, many people are looking forward to the mode of this time as a mode of this time. Totoro. This time, which is the sixth installment, the bright and open mood of Ibiza Island is fresh, but the wallet collection that makes you feel like you are enjoying a cocktail on the beach is a must -see. For example, a mini wallet with a designed lime combines a different leather and delicately reproduces the juice when the lime is squeezed. The brand’s iconic anagram is also embossed, some of which have a highly popular Loewe, with banknote pockets, six card storage, snap button -type coin cases. The slightly larger three -fold type is impressive with a cocktail glass decorated with fruit. Six card slots, two slip pockets, one large pocket, and a zipper coin compartment and storage capacity are perfect. The motif of cocktails accented by orange and cherry is a coin card holder. It is easy to open and close with an L -shaped zip type, and can be stored smartly in a mini bag or jacket pocket. Fully equipped with four card slots and one coin compartment. The card holder with the design of 슬롯머신 the bottle cap based on the pink tone is also colorful and cute. Because the blue drops are scattered, you can feel the freshness. Fully equipped with four card slots and one central pocket. During the Golden Week, experience the positive mood of Ibiza Island in a pop -up held in each region.

Call for fortune with Loewe’s Totoro wallet. [Find this month’s lucky wallet! ]

Angry Ume Category 1st

▼ Angry Ume Shiori -Category 1st

▼ Angry UME Shiori -Category 2nd

Angry Ume Category 3rd

Angry Ume Category 4th

Angry Ume Category 5th

Angry Ume Category 6th

Angry Ume Category 7th

◆ People ◆ People 9+8+5+2+2+3+7

TOTAL (9+8+5+2+2+3+7)+(5+7+4+0+6+2+3)+(1+2+5+4+2+0+3)+( 2+0+0+3+2+3+1)+(3+1+2+1+2+0+1)+(3+0+1+1+5)+(1) = 112

※ (firefly)… ◎ Ahe sin construction ◎ A -go -line ◎ No DA Tomomi ◎ 인터넷바카라 Katsushi Kaneda SHI ◎ Akira Abe ◎ Tao Takamura Non -KO ◎ TA Tai Taiwan Wataru ◎ Ehime Prefecture Chairman

※ (Mori)… ◎ Shinta Ishihara ◎ Swind on the beach ◎ Moritsu Hashishita ◎ Ishihara is extended ◎ Tsumida Shigeru ◎ Surprising land ◎ Remaining land ◎ Rural city kid

* (Mark)… ◎ Snao Watanabe ◎ NHK’s last don ◎ Fritachi ◎ Voice Dead Shinjiro ◎ Only B Road

* (Waste)… ◎ Light sin scholars ◎ Shining exclusion

※ (word)… ◎ It will be filial only to Abe ◎ Santo

※ (K)… ◎ Casinolo wiring hand ◎ Work General ◎ Boyonce

※ (friend)… ◎ Angry nuclear fuel boy ◎ Assistant of the mastermind ◎ Processless Advisory Committee member ◎ Kado Biohazard ◎ Sincerity target group ◎ Yuko Yuko ◎ Barre substitute now

Correspondence … (Firefly … ◎ Ahe Sin construction 24+11), * (Mark … ◎ Long striped illness 28+21), * (Ka … ◎ Boyonce 50+2), * (Friend … ◎ Processless consultation Committee 31+1+12),

◆ Tangible ◆ Tangible Objects 5+5+4+3+3+9+10

TOTAL (5+5+4+3+8+10)+(1+2+14+0+6+4+9)+(8+9+3+6+6+4+3)+( 3+3+3+12+7+6+3)+(6+8+3+7+4+3)+(1+0+0+0+1)+(2) = 182

* (Firefly) …

* (Mori) …






◆ Intangible Objects 4+3+9+7+7+7+7

TOTAL (4+3+9+7+8+7+7)+(5+4+5+7+8+3+6)+(2+8 3+3+3+0+1)+( 2+1+2+3+6+3+7)+(5+1+5+7+7+12+5)+(4+3+3+8)+(1) = 183

◎ Josanjo ◎ The Ministry of Light calculation ◎ Silence ◎ Moritomo Moritake Cabinet ◎ Prime Minister’s Allice ◎ Ground Party ◎ LDP ◎ Faust Party ◎ Evacuation Tokyo Heart Elephant ◎ Yoshimoto Dark Industry ◎ Prombter ◎ Mazugomi ◎ Mazugomi ◎ Silver copper of A yen ◎ Wallet ministry ◎ Small ◎ Children’s lack of school ◎ Kaka -sama Casino -sama ◎ Soka Gino Society ◎ Casino Resort ◎ Casino Expo ◎ Sugasamy ◎ Media ◎ Ministry of Education ◎ Ministry of Education ◎ Kaele’s paradise ◎ Abe doubt open school attached to Lee Shimo University ◎ Baseball Cabinet ◎ Baseball Cabinet! Baseball Cabinet! ◎ NH Mandarin Department ◎ No more Cabinet ◎ Dark name Abe group ◎ An Gate

※ (firefly)… ◎ Saraba anniversary ◎ C Prime Minister Sales ◎ If you look at it, finally die

* (Mori)… ◎ Worldly disabled ◎ Mollympics ◎ Relocation plan

※ (seal)… ◎ Evil support rating ◎ Impression operation death investigation ◎ Long striped illness ◎ Doremisola Hybariside ◎ Revolution of single making ◎ Evil support rating ◎ Out Range ◎ Arashi

※ (waste)… ◎ Abenomics ◎ Abe adjustment ◎ Infinished Yamaki Hi ◎ Tax alert ◎ Execution inspection ban ◎ Despite request ◎ Triple A bitter

* (Language)… ◎ How to solve ◎ Education free edict ◎ How to make a new stupid ◎ Shimomura case ◎ Oyoshi Fifu ◎ Education of Education ◎ Central Education Dorome ◎ Textbook Dunk

* (Ka)… ◎ ◎ ◎ AI / R ◎ Non -sea ◎ 24 -hour IR Save the Earth ◎ Descendants Gambling ◎ Hearing Demand Lotus Sutra ◎ Casino Prayer dependence ◎ Osaka Bag

* (Friend)… ◎ Mae Tomo -Raku ◎ Case bomb ◎ Interborne ◎ Bakass Issues

Correspondence … (Mori … ◎ Heatless invalidation 13), * (waste … ◎ Abenomics 26+2), * (Table …

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