“Claire Scoopy Repair”

Repair of Claire Skopy, which has been left for more than 5 years.

The battery goes up completely and cannot be started.

There were many other problems.

Water does not come out of the carburetor heater hose.

In addition, intake cracks, poor throttle position sensor

Parts have not yet come out.

The intake of Fi scoopy is about 400 yen, but the carburetor car is 2,000 yen …

This rubber was not much different from the price of the throttle position sensor.

The float valve of the carburetor was fixed and replaced with the packing.

Clean the mud around the tank to replace the gasoline in the tank.

The gasoline in the tank was still useless.

Fortunately, it wasn’t rusted in the tank.

Replace with a new fuel.

The drainage of the frame was clogged with dirt and the harness was immersed in the water.

I couldn’t find it without removing the tank.

The reason why the heater hose did not come out was because there was not enough water.

The reservoir hose is broken and the pressure is running away.

It is a common trouble for old 바카라사이트/a> scoopies and smart Dio, but it is bad to leave it as it is.

it is exchanged.

Cooling water air was removed.

The engine oil was also replaced.

I changed the battery and started the engine.

Wires and each part were lubricated.

I replaced it because it was cut off on one side of the head bulb.

Driving for 30 minutes, no water reduced, no electrical equipment, no engine abnormality.

I can run again for the time being.

ZZR400 Wheel bearing exchange

I think the mounting position of the wheel bearing will vary depending on the specification of the vehicle.

What happens to the aluminum spacer when tightening at Axle 90N?

If the conditions change, it will be exactly the opposite.

Completion of exchange

The wheels are smooth.

Cleaning TDR250, both side calipers.

Old pistons that are not maintained are quite strict in maintenance.

The calipers have a specification that can be separated on both sides, but I learned that the calipers were not divided.

If you split it, cleaning will be easier, but there are more disadvantages.

When I asked, “How should I maintain it without splitting if it’s stuck?”

According to the teacher, “No, there is no maintenance until the piston sticks? I will maintain it before that.

Even such a caliper is precious and cannot be thrown away, I will do my best without splitting.

It seemed to be usable if I polished the piston.

If you check the parts, it will be quite expensive if you have all the piston seal sets, and you can buy a new caliper ASSY a little more, so your feelings are a little shaking.

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