How will Tatsuyoshi Watcher draw Naoya Inoue’s “emotional theory?” Memories with famous brush, Minoru Sase (Katsuo Miura) -Ap individual

Is Inoue entered immediately?

April 25 WBA “Super” and IBF Unified Bantamweight Champion Naoya Inoue (Ohashi) standing on the ring of Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas. The three -crown unauthorized battle with the WBO champion John Reel Cashimero (Philippines) is afraid of the new Coronavirus. Top rank, a US promoter contracted with Inoue, was announced that Inoue would call him and his family to Las Vegas as soon as he got a US immigration visa. In the future, the event may be postponed in the worst case. Nevertheless, officials are working hard to realize.

Tatsuyoshi Watcher

Las Vegas, where Inoue vs. Cashimero is held, is called the capital of boxing. Big fights are often held, but not usually a lot of box office. For me, Las Vegas was the 슬롯머신사이트 first impression of the sound of a slot machine called “jar, jar” that I heard in a casino. In the United States in the car society, there are few people walking on the road, but Las Vegas has many people on the main street, probably because people come from various places. It is a town called Las Vegas that reminds you of Japan and Tokyo in the United States.

There are a number of Japanese players standing on the ring in Las Vegas, and Toshiaki Nishioka, the WBC World Super Bantamweight champion, has also succeeded in defense. In addition, Yuichi Kasai, a member of the same Teiken Gym, did not acquire the world throne, but played a game five times. “Naniwa’s Joe” Tatsuyoshi Tatsuyoshi has appeared in Hawaii in Hawaii and appeared three times in Las Vegas. Mr. Minoru Sase, who has visited such Las Vegas many times and wrote a masterpiece about boxing by Tatsuyoshi Watcher, is famous for “Listening to the ringside and emotional boxing theory”.

Non -fiction writer

After dropping out of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in the U.S. Department of Britain, joined the Hochi Shimbun. He was independent in 1973 after he served as a director of the Athletic Department and Cultural Manager. He left many works as a non -fiction writer. In a boxing, he published “Emotional Boxing theory,” and wrote the title of the title in Boxing Beat’s predecessor world boxing.

Some people read Sase’s text and became a boxing fan, and even if I read it back now, the excitement at that time was revived straight, and at the same time, I was struck by the player’s psychological state and conflict. A word of “No, it’s amazing.” The reason that Sase -san is Sase’s place that cannot be expressed other than the name sentence is the reason.

Remember scolded

The reporter’s soul or the attitude of cherishing the interview was not odd.

Check the record on December 21, 1996. At the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Tatsuyoshi played the 10th round with Fernando Alanis (Mexico) (Tatsuyoshi wins TKO 10 times). After the match, Tatsuyoshi’s dressing room was gathered mainly by newspapers and magazine reporters from Japan. I was instructed by the World Boxing’s boss to “get Alanis comments.”

Alanis came to the same room alone at the right time. This was convenient and immediately started interviewing Mexicans. Over time, Tatsuyoshi comes in and the reporters are all listening around him. I concentrated on the interview and forgot that Alanis was a loud owner. “Let’s calm down! I can’t hear the story of Tatsuyoshi!” It was Sase.

Sase’s professional guts, who would not be able to hear the words of the interviewees of the interviewers, were keen. He still reflects on that time. I don’t remember that it was that time, but Mr. Sase said this in a chat with the reporters.

“I watched the boxing game and finished the manuscript at the hotel in the middle of the night, jumped to Los Angeles early in the morning and interviewed Nomo’s day game at the Doja Stadium.

I like Vistacio

At the same time, Sase also showed a gentle side. After one match, he happened to have a meal at a hotel food court. “No, this is my favorite. I want to eat and don’t come to the United States.” Sase -san put it on the table and ate it was Vistaio. Surely, he wrote a manuscript in the room and was chewing on a Vistaio, called the “Queen of Nuts.”

Sase entered the demon in May 1998. It was less than a year and a half since Tatsuyoshi vs Alanis. There should have been many fans who wanted more of that name to read. Now that Inoue tries to make a Las Vegas debut beyond space and time, what kind of emotions would we deliver to us if Sase was alive?

In the case of Tatsuyoshi, he stepped on the Ras Vegas ring due to the cornered situation of eye disease. He was a hero who experienced the light and darkness of his life. On the other hand, Inoue is long -awaited for a bright future. I can’t feel the darkness. Conversely, it may be difficult to draw. But Sase will ask Inoue to ask Inoue, draw out the answer of his own, and finish it into a wonderful hero image. The aspects that the monsters did not show may be revealed. Sharp insights will be pointed to the opponent’s cashmelo. Like the same Filipino Ben Villaflore (formerly the World Junior Lightweight Champion) …

What kind of performance will Inoue perform in Las Vegas and leave results? Her chest is exciting as a report. There is a feeling that the game against Kashimero will be a good fight that will be fully opened by a brush of a famous brush. He makes him feel like he has lost a regrettable person.

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