Human standard

There was something to go to Bern by train. Rather than the purpose of the trip, I like to read books that I could not read again in the means of moving trains and airplanes. He packed the ‘beginner Korean’ novel by Moon Ji -hyuk, who is a good thickness and a pretty pink. I missed the morning train that I could ride a little at the Basel Central Station, so I ordered a glass of cocoa powder and sat at a chilly outdoor table and finished it on the train before arriving at Bern.

He covers the book and gets off at Bern Central Station and leaves every time. Woo -yeon sky, dull buildings, busy people, trams of unfamiliar numbers. He wrote about a city that is remembered only as a train station, which is like a train station. I am now in a more strange city than that city. A woman 코인카지노 is approaching how heterogeneous it was to take a train from everyday life and look at me in a more destination. She says, “What are you looking for?” In Paris, after approaching the environmental movement that saves whales or polar bears, if the tourist is sold, a gypsy from the back come to pick up and pickpoints. I can’t. One thing is certain is that I don’t get lost here, but it looks like a lost person. No matter how long I have lived in Switzerland, they know like a ghost. It is their karma to pick one of the silly strangers who have not been melted into this society in many Swiss people passing through the Bern Central Station Square. My friend also lived in Paris for almost 10 years, but when the job was nearly near the Eiffel Tower, he was caught by the merchants selling the Eiffel Tower key ring for tourists on his way to work every day. It is easier to work in French, as well as the astringent wine, and if you don’t eat cheese, you don’t have to eat. The moment that reminds me that ‘you are not Parisian’.

The same was true of Jihyuk, the main character in the novel ‘beginner Korean’. Even if you study in New York and get out of your student’s status, it is a short -term contract, but you can finally get a permanent residence. . In a coffee shop, in the classroom, in the casino, in the streets, he is not treated as a person who belongs to living every day, but he is not friendly to him. My mother in Korea is sick, and his brother is hostile to his mother, and his girlfriend is entirely up to Jihyuk, ‘The United States is daytime and Korea is in the future at night, and I feel in the past.’ Say. Her time difference is that Korea is the first night, and in fact, she is in the future first. .. ‘Beginner Korean’ instructor Ji -hyuk, who teaches Korean in English at university, is a very everyday and basic Korean word like ‘Hello’. It sounds like the ambassador to the movie Star Wars character Yoda. Now my native language has become a strange language for him.

It was unpleasant to see that it was going to find a restaurant near Bern Central Station, and it was unpleasant to see that it was floating. And as always, after settling in Starbucks, which gives travelers the greatest peace of mind, a smile comes out. So he wants to look like a local, but he can’t get out of Starbucks. It’s like you’re looking at it while you’re hit. In the stereotypes, he is lived without any misunderstandings.

Stote and misunderstanding. These are not a special disadvantage that only the strangers who live abroad. I am often misunderstood by those who write my native language. When I learn my life, some people diagnose it with a convincing tone. Every time I get this misunderstanding, I don’t know how to correct it. No, in my group, I always belong to the lazy and loose axis, and the more I add a problem because I don’t have a lot of attention, the more people’s expressions are distorted. Ji -hyuk’s smooth life, who has lived as an exemplary student, would have had no deficiency and curvature that must exist in the fate of the artist, so the alcoholicity of his colleagues who said that a child like you do not deserve to write a novel remains a long wound for Jihyuk. Just as I was a whip that made me hard to avoid writing a ‘naive, obvious and obvious’ novel, I might be trying to return to no matter that I am not as obvious as people’s stereotypes.

Recently, I watched a video of the evangelism festival made by the church that was present in Korea. It was a short animation, and a woman in the video was reading her Bible as she slept her child. As her flashback goes over the screen, she is a child. She was also a child who could not walk once, but she was a child who was praised by her parents, and she studied hard in her uniform, graduated, and interviewed her. She hangs your employee card on her neck, staying overtime, sitting with a lover at a late night bus stop, a normal date, married, a child, and grew up looking at the child. One day she suddenly finds herself old. When her screen changes, she returns to her young man, but she sits alone in her dark room and buries her head. Then she was a video of ‘I always choose you even if you are not a good person, but I always choose you.’ I realized how to watch this video and realized. I’m really a human being. How do you fit the target audience in a large church in Bundang, so it’s not my story. I missed the days of working overtime with a big business employee ID, I was married to a man without a car, and my son was three years old. no?

When he was a young man, he liked Dazai Osamu. His novel ‘Human Disqualification’ captivated me with the title alone. In this cruel world, I was able to identify myself with human disruptions in a Japanese society after defeating myself, but on the other hand, I was relieved of my special lack. But after passing, I was not an outlier that was disqualified. It is only one of the uniform human groups that fits the ‘human standards’ set by the 20th century Korean society, and the future talents of the 21st century, the free nomads of the global era, and the failed genius. I am so obvious, but only in Switzerland. It exists only as a stranger.

Jihyuk in ‘Beginner Korean’ will be going to become a New Yorker and eventually go back to Korea. The full -time instructor, which has come to the front of the eyes, flew and the contract ends, and the status can be legally stayed in the United States. The United States is the last favorite of such foreign workers, Grace Period. Even after the contract with the company ends, it is allowed to be able to organize the personality without worrying about becoming an illegal resident. I think it’s a long time to go. Jihyuk gave it to someone who knew useful things, sold the remaining items on a used site, and handed over a car that he bought for $ 18,000 to a used car dealer for $ 8900. As the first time I came to the United States, all his luggage was left in both black immigration bags lived in Namdaemun. I did too. When he left San Francisco and went to Korea, he thought he would live for a long time and left the even furniture and left the even furniture. When I leave Chicago, I don’t have time to iron, so I don’t have time to iron, so I don’t have a steam leg mini rice that I have never used to eat and live a kitchen tool that is almost new. After giving it to others, only two stalks to the suitcase to Paris remained to me.

If you want to get the title and status so much in a long living place, and if you are struggling with empty hands, you have to fight against the name tags that have already been stuck too much. A model student, good person, scholar, naive, sulky, good person, who has not said that he is a lucky person … ‘I do not know you’ and falls down and says, ‘I know someone like you so well.’ The embarrassment of crashing into a stigma society.

The artist seems to have written this novel to overcome such embarrassment and seems to have gained a very successful identity. In the author’s words, I was envious of reading the confession that I wanted to write for the first time while writing this novel, and that it was enough gift. One man who was free from the stigma by putting down his native language, the most powerful weapon for himself, and making all the familiar things unfamiliar. ‘What a novel like you write’ Bianan is a person who repeats Bianan into a novel that can only write a child like me. Like that person, can I recognize a poor and unfamiliar beginner life and use something that can only be used?

“Suchen Sie Etwas Bestimmtes What are you looking for?)

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