“Is the harvest time close to the cult.”

I wonder if the harvest time is near ⑦

Cult battle

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In short, Japanese international is the same.

That is one wheel with one wheel with a strange feeling of 5 feeling

It ends when it is mentioned

I can’t be blurred anymore

So I don’t have any possibilities and don’t talk

Why is the five feeling strange in one wheel? To the extent

Successful to the choice

If the scales of the otaku are real in reality, if the feeling of 5 is strange with one wheel

No matter what you do

What is a cult? If you are really unconscious

Reshust answer without processing without time passing

Although it is calculated directly

Human self -consciousness doesn’t do so

Even if you try to make a perception correct answer unconsciously

I can’t do it

Mixed -down perception is owned

I can’t draw a direct correct answer for draft as a withdrawal

Draft 6th place I can only draw the content that is very close

However, I will see the correct answer from the round of the draft 6th place.

Because it becomes a draft with a better ranking as Kochi

If you continue the blog earlier, Tora Tora 6-10

Hands 6 Hanafuda Saburo Kitajima I wonder if

Ei Rokusuke Nakamura Hachidai 869 7

Yakimura Yakimura Rokusuke Sakamoto Kuzuku Uritatory 7

Indoors’ fixed pattern insist

Is it also Kobayashi Totsu?

Tora Toro Climb Road Goat Goat

Tama Zoo Yukiho Yukiho Tackle

Ayaka Ogawa Hospital Does his family think so far?

Parts removed by surgery and discarded

Spread the genitals with both fingers and show the inside of the vagina.

It seems that there is a stripper

Thinking six law six law all books

Nachi Human with 6 to 10 max from 6 to 10

In the New Year, the whole family eats food, drinks and loosens

After all, it would be a flower card, so the story after that

Macbeth, a strong son -in -law of Insest Hanafuda

For Japanese women, the strong son -in -law of the flower bill is a casino

Is it a straight shooter?

Kamishiraishi Moeon Jersey Wrestling Sumo

A letter of introduction from Tokyo Medical University has come out before

Sometimes I decided to go to Omori Omori, Toho University

Because there is a well -known teacher in that direction

She had a consultation several times and kept her teacher completely.

Kanko Shintori chooses only 5, so there is no wrinkle on the face

Kanko He is behind Cancun Mexico

To Islam at Les Mexico Musume Island 6-10

Today was the sashimi set I purchased last night

Sulmi Katai She eats yellowtail and she is pretty delicious

International that is important for sashimi platter

I have an opinion

He can’t do it unless the decoration is appropriate and does not do it.


In the past, a fish shop named Shiraishi made a squid sashimi in a pack

Normally, the squid is in detail vertically.

The squid comes out with a variety

I don’t have it at all

In short, what is low -intellectual job?

At first glance, decorative parsley Miho Jiso Kikuhana is also important

I hope the sashimi is delicious

I have to be the worst

Moekaishi Moeka, who mentioned that he liked humanities during this time

Certainly, she is a blue -collar physical education system.

Today’s Gogosma 3:07

Professor Maruta’s eye makeup is sharp today

Nonomura also has three white eyes

Shingo Yanagisawa doesn’t commit suicide, so he’s all

Aika Kanda who has no position

She was told nationwide that she only blows this woman horror

If this is the case, isn’t the mouth of crab loincloth still better?

Aika Kanda’s oral tooth, mouth tooth

But she resembles a foreigner.

Thinking Rokuho Nachi Women who are caught here

Tao’s Pooh girlfriend died on a blog during this time

She was owned by Swedish Lenagirondaist

Books cover animation

But the thirteen pagoda was sharpened

3:16 Why is Mr. Kanda with a cultural person like a lawyer?

Did you get married? Don’t you think so?

Are you not good at turning the shaven?

Here you get married to a cultural person and look like you are 카지노 in intelligence

is not it?

Aika Kanda, who is liked by cultural people

Because cultural brakes are useless

Then I have to get married

3:19 CM Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank Yanagisawa appeared

Like Doppelganger in a Barimore movie

I should kill Yanagisawa

Doesn’t that happen in Japan?

The octopus foot flex Hiroshi is a trend now and she says

She is a terrible phrase that she captured the wide range of content

During this time, Hamada and Hibi’s program two -shot

Hamada’s appearance is so big

Kanda -san girlfriend is tough

She overestimates that she looks like a woman

She is a thought sixhei Nachi She is aiming for a difficult place

I understand the pride of a woman

The condition of the PC keyboard is strange

If you notice it, the battery runs out

She finds the CR2032 that she purchased and paid someday

If you look for a jumbled accessory case with a pass or a card

Just an Andason Haetriggnet comes out from the accessory case

In the case of the precision driver I took earlier

I remembered CR2032

She will use a precision driver when she happens

She is doing so in advance

She didn’t have to explore the accessories

Understand the exact Andason Haetrikumo

I wonder if Saburo Kitajima is going to return ♪ I’m lonely, but ♪

She is just that she is regrettable

The lyrics of this song are also partially international

It was a long time ago

♪ I’m fine with my hometown’s house.

♪ The crow in the mountain is Pee Houroro ♪

She is a nerda, in the sense of her

I don’t know, she is Morina Watanabe

So she’s the same for all denials.

Atsuo Nakamura and Yusaku Matsuda of former Komeito actors

Recently, more than 185 people are often seen when walking

180 and 185 or more

Apopa Tama Zoo Oran ♂

She went to Fukuoka and Riki was Oran ♂ or more.

4:46 Tokyo Increased number of people infected today than last week

More than good

She is absolutely fraudulent

Percentage pirates in such legal texts

It is to use fraud to use it using

She unless she knows the fraud and says it

Wink and he will be able to move a lot


Morikake problem politicians no matter who becomes the prime minister

If you do fraud

Otherwise, you can’t be a politician

Api has recently seen it as a general orautan in Ichii

I decided to live

When I was little, it looked more intelligent than Riki, two years older.

She has a great personality to make such a choice

Is there a truth in the details

She’s recently, but her phrase

It means the reunion of the octopus

Hiroshima Kobayakawa, which cannot be trusted as a result in humans

In the city of N, he is the mainstream of squid

The decoration of the sashimi platter This is the one who is this

That’s the intent

Then it ’s different

Shiraishi’s sashimi is better

Horan Chiaki’s Bento Irish Judo

At the last point of the RT of human reality

He is manual manual manual, he is not in multiplication

How to put it into multiplication?

I don’t need a group that I don’t belong to the group

Own a stock and usually

I have to think about this

Then get to know out Umura Ana Yamauchi Ana

Jiro Shimizu No Jiro Sangokushi no Tadashi is required

Such inductive rational theory scientific

Because there is no point of view of the center from the end of the paradigm

Go Kazuna Ayaka Ogawa is strict

As expected, she is using TBS, so she still uses Aya Takashima, isn’t she yet?

Recent situation

The next blog will be scheduled from time to 4 days at any time

No, it’s hard.

If you see the inhabitant tax decision notification in June,

There is no shadow or shape, such as the hometown tax deduction, and the full throttle resident tax …

Ko ……………………………….. Lost 50,000 yen, 50, I’m, I’m

In my life, that is, dies! !

Gut … what will you lose …

I know the cause.

I haven’t moved my resident card from my parents’ home.

It’s troublesome and I don’t know if I will live in my current apartment.

However, the country did not seem to forgive it …

First of all, despite the fact that the government office has not applied for anything, the resident tax decision notice has changed to the current address.

Well, I applied for a commuter pass to 예스카지노 the company.

I can’t keep it as it is.

I rushed to the tax section.

Then, it turned out that there were two ways left.

① Give up

② Final tax return

There is absolutely ①, ②, ②.

I didn’t want to file a final tax return, so I made it a one -stop special system …

Mendokusa (‘A`)

First of all, I believed in the one -stop special system, so I was foolishly shredder the receipt.

Therefore, we ask the local government at the donation to reissue the receipt.

And since it is necessary for a final tax return, we will finally issue a reluctant My Number card.

Well, if you don’t do it someday, you won’t be able to be Japanese people.

The Japanese government is going to do that.

If you are interested, look at the anime psychopath.

I know how convenient the government is for the government’s dystopia …

In the past, there was a D.ZONE in the doujin PC version BL game … I don’t see this story, so if you know it, please DM. Get along.

The story was up.

Anyway, it’s a final tax return.

According to people in the government office, there seems to be 5 years of grace, so this year! ! I will do it with that feeling.

And unless you transfer your resident card, the hometown tax payment you did this year is also a final tax return.

You can file a final tax return even if you do not have a My Number card, but it will be repeated, but I will do it as much as I live in Japan, so I decided to get a minor point.

It’s troublesome! ! !

But I won’t lose for 50,000 yen! ! ! !

Our battle is about to come! !

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