Mr. Monthoya “Ferrari is a winning machine, but he has missed all the opportunities.” Sympathy to the prestigious prestigious prestigious … The next Belgium is suitable for Ferrari | F1 (Dazn News)

Former F1 driver Fan Pablo Montraya has shown his views on the current situation of F1 this season. [Video] Yuki Kakuda is motivated for a “special” Japanese GP. It was thought that the prestigious Ferrari would be completely revived. However, Red Bull has then revived, and Ferrari has shown competitiveness, but has spent out points due to trouble and mistakes. After the 13th round, the top of the 슬롯머신 constructor’s ranking is Red Bull (431 points) and 2nd place Ferrari (334 points) at the time of the summer break. Although there is no championship this season, Mercedes (304 points), which has been stable and continued to finish, has been reducing the difference from Ferrari to 30 points. Montoya claimed that Red Bull was an overwhelming advantage in the title race, saying, “Red Bull is a board stone” in the American online casino Vegasinsider. “Looking back at the Hungarian GP. Max (Felstappen) would have started from 10th, and no one would have expected to win. Red Bull is not afraid to lose, has a mentality that can lead to the maximum results. (Christian) The team led by Horner is always the same. On the other hand, how about Ferrari? Failed while competing with Mercedes, and there was a big mistake in the pit (failure to select tire pounds). Hangaro drinks may have been possible with Ferrari’s 1-2 finish. It’s not a race. “” Ferrari is definitely a machine that can definitely win this season. But I’m missing all opportunities to take advantage of it. I have to doubt that it can be maintained, even though it is the fastest. ” Will be resumed from the 14th round of the 14th Belgium GP after the summer break. Regarding the spa Francorian race, Montoya said it was “Ferrari -suitable characteristics.” “If I put it with money, I would make Charles (Lucrail). Max is the best in winning the race, but I think the spa truck is a characteristic for Ferrari. But Red Bull, Red Bull. You should be able to run at a good pace. It’s a course that the Czech Republic (Sergio Perez) is also good at it. “” Max and the Czech Republic will have a chance. But if I bet on the Belgian GP, ​​it would probably be decided by Charles and Ferrari. “As Montoya expects, can Lucrail & Ferrari mark the victory in the next round and make a counterattack foothold? The 14th round of the Belgian GP (August 28 final) after the summer break is a must -see match that greatly affects the title race of the season.

I was able to clear the games project in April

This time is also a moppy project!

Cooking diary

Acquisition conditions

After installing the new app,

Complete a restaurant in the third city

Unlock Sweet Sweets

Number of points acquired


Start & complete

3/15 starts, 4/25 completed (42 days)

Game explanation

Cooking Diary is a game that serves customers who come to the restaurant. As you proceed on the stage, you will get materials such as wallpapers, floors, curtains. If you clear the mission to be issued first, you will clear 1 level. Missions vary, such as earning coins, satisfying customers, and achieving combo. The customer who comes to the left will request what kind 바카라필승법 of food you want. Make drinks, cook in ovens and refrigerators to give them to customers. It is clear if you achieve the upper left mission within the time limit. You have to provide food while you have a lot of life, but it is difficult because there are forgotten customers and customers who have few life. Difficult missions can be easier to clear by using the items on the right.

Until the project clear

This time, he complete the restaurant in his third city, and unlock the sweet sweet!

Click here for a complete restaurant ↓

Some restaurants have about 80 levels, so it’s not over!

Kitchen updates are required to clear. Updates must be done for each restaurant. There are two types of updates: the speed of cooking and the price increase. With a drink dispenser, two types of drinks are set from one faucet in the early days. If you raise the rank by one rank, the time will be reduced, and if you raise the rank by 2, the faucet will be attached. Can you clear it just by one price? There are quite a few things. I think it’s better to use the ruby ​​for other updates because you can clear it without it. Even if you only increase the speed, you may not be able to clear it because it does not reach the price. Free spins are available every 24 hours, and coins are required for the second time. Please note that spinning will not be possible with coins in the previous city if you straddle the city. If you raise the mood of your pet, you will get ruby ​​and items. In addition, it is relatively easy to collect ruby, such as free videos, events, and friends visits. However, since the amount used was not odd, even if I collected it every day, I got the bottom immediately. It took two to three days in one restaurant, so it took 42 days to complete the third town.

Cleared and reflected in about 5 minutes.


Poi activity recommended degree

Can I do it in a month? I thought, but it was not enough at all. As of April 25, 2022, the reward has been increased to 1,400p. But it takes a lot of time, so it may not be worth it … Enjoy the game and get rewards as a result! It seems better to look at it. I watch videos to collect coins and rubies, so it’s tough without a Wi-Fi environment. As a game, the more I played, the better I did, and the content I wouldn’t get tired even in the long term.

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