“Punta Cana Travel Report ①”

Pun Takana trip after my husband got caught in a promotion at Cancun’s airport ✈️

I couldn’t get much information, and if it was a very clear, I was thrilled until I arrived at the site.

Come on ~ 🏖 I have no choice 바카라사이트/a> but to pray

By the way, in about 4 hours, we arrive at Punta Kana from JFK!

A shuttle bus picked up to the airport was coming

It takes a few minutes to the hotel in a few minutes.

I arrived in the hotel and finished checking in, and had a list of members of Legendary in the member area.

It seems that there are various advantageous things for members.

The hotel premises are very big! There are many casinos and shops!

There were many restaurants and cafes.

Above all, this fruit punch is so delicious that you are in a good mood.

First, have lunch at the restaurant here.

The atmosphere is insanely good, but all of the dishes are OK.

Sake and cocktails were also bad 🥲

I can’t find a page corresponding to the URL.

If you click the link and display this page, there will be 온라인바카라 공식추천 a mistake in the link.

If you like, please report to the Excite from this form.

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