[Race forecast] 12/5 (Sun) Chukyo 11R Champion Cup [GⅠ] (Simple version)

Today, it will be the expected (simple version) of the Chukyo 11R Champion Cup [GⅠ].

* This week’s “race trend” is omitted. I’m sorry m (__) m

[49.0-12.0-48.5 = 1: 49.5] Bearing 0.5 seconds

[12.0-12.1-12.1-11.8-12.5] Last 2nd floor fastest game

The text 메가슬롯 is omitted for the use. Sorry m (__) m



A lot of temples came out, but the first one was a large straw, called goose foot. The shoots seemed to be similar to Kogomi, and the surface was smooth and sticky, and had a solid and unique taste. The general who was good at drinking was also interesting, and it was a luxurious use of space, probably because there was a little distance from the new land. ♬ Baccarat’s mini mug from here to dream 🍻 🍻 幻 幻 幻 幻 幻 幻 幻 幻 幻 幻 인터넷카지노검증사이트 幻//www.facebook.com/akane.himeno.3

Tenmashidashi Kawakawa

Tenmashidashi Kawakawa

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