“September 10th store update! ~ Evolution ~]


Maruhan Habikino store

SINCE 1999.8.10

~~~ Evolution ~~~


Everyone who is watching the blog

good morning.

I’m Morishita, the manager.


Today’s information.


Saturday, September 10th

Asa 10 o’clock!

** Entrance ticket * *

Asa 9:15 distribution!

* 15 minutes than usual

Because it is getting faster

Please be careful.

Maruhan was born in Habikino City

Today, September 10th

It has been 23 years and one month.

One month from that day as early as that day.

Many customers come to the store

thank you very much.

From now on

The industry’s top Maruhan

As a West Japan flagship store

Thoroughly concerned about customer satisfaction creation

Don’t be satisfied 바카라 with the current situation


I will do it.

Both pachinko and slots

Please enjoy it until your heart is.

I would like to introduce the Iloilo town in Europe and Shimokitazawa, the end of the 20th century, who have traveled since 1990 in photos and 에볼루션카지노 texts.

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