“Smart topic”

Smart topic

good evening

It is the second generation “L”.

I think that the information -through is in the ear

It is said that Smaslo’s sales have been decided from November this year.

It has been rumored since last year

I understand that information.

Medal -less play machine “Smart Slot”

Digital management without any medal input or exhaust port

Naturally, most of the gaming machine errors are occupied

Because there are 카지노 no selector errors and hopper errors.

I wonder if this is an advantage for the user even if it is taken to the hall side.

The first impression was that I felt.

After all I don’t like waiting time.

After that, control equipment costs

In the past, just installing a table is useless.

The cost of a transport machine that circulates medals and the cost of the island construction corresponding to it was a lot needed.

It is also very attractive to be able to cut the whole (although the initial cost depends on the cost …)

Also, from the user’s point of view, the most important point is that the advantageous section is unlimited.

I’m a little looking forward to seeing the world from now on what kind of feeling.

The model will be changed from the conventional “S Namura” to “L Namura”.

I wonder if L is L in SLOT.

Well, the lineup is also a rumor


Leather machine

The strongest creature ever

It seems that there are many

I have to expect it (゚ д ゚)

I imagined that the housing was more amazing, but is it surprisingly normal? Impression.

Also, if you have the opportunity to actually touch it, I hope you can continue the story.

Tomorrow is open at 9:00 in the morning.

Of course, Sumasuro has not been introduced yet (1st “)

I hope you can enjoy it with your favorite one. (^^)

see you

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