The meal of my mother’s anniversary is three star Kikunoi.

The meal of my mother’s anniversary is three star Kikunoi.

The meal of her mother’s anniversary is Mr. Kikunoi.

It’s been a week since I ate.

I can’t update it, so I’ll put the editing.

The typographical errors will be repaired soon.

After finishing, it is a fun meal. I went to “Kikunoi -san” who went after the ossuary. It is a famous Michelin Guide three stars, holding eight stars (?) With the other two in total, and the manager himself is called “adult amusement park”. Both celebration and non -celebration can be eaten with a reasonable price. And if you make a phone call, you will be confirmed, “What kind of gathering?” Until now, I used it for “Mother’s graduation, my 60th birthday and an adult of my child.” Each time you can change it depending on the reasons for gathering red and white 鱠, figurines and shafts.

Another is that even if you wear black clothes, it is easier to use than a hotel restaurant. For reference, a certain S tea ○ cannot be entered in a private room with the same rank of meals.

By the way, first of all, the summer -like jelly confectionery

Starting with, next 6 sushi, etc.

Is in the summer flower Hozuki, and sea urchin and uno

Continue. This time it was a meal after the memorial service, but the sashimi came out. However, the raw food after the memorial service is tasteful, and when the lotus flower is removed, it is one of the ties and the baked swordfish.

was. As expected, it is a three -star production. By the way, the glass on the upper right is a white glass wine that I only drank. It doesn’t seem to put much at 1200 yen at a normal price. Sashimi Part 2 is a hamo.

Then, it was heated with the broth removed from the bones of the hamo. The glass cut is similar, and it may be “Bakara” as well as porridge that comes out later. The lid is soaked in Shigeru eggplant and shrimp

The shape and color of this vessel were cut on the lid with the Kamo eggplant. The pottery is sweetfish

Then, when Nakai broke out, “I’ll bake this sweetfish.” I put on Tate vinegar with olive oil and ate everything from my head. After this

So, the yuzu scattered on the top was thin, and the tofu was not hung at all. The last rice is a cold mizuku porridge

So, when I thought it was a beautiful glass bowl, it was truly “Baccarat”. The last dessert is Uji Kin

So, it seemed that there was a real matcha. So far, I ate slowly and it was delicious.

Finally, in the room of the day, the axis of some priest


Maiko Han no Uchiwa


On July 23, my relatives 카지노사이트 gathered for my mother’s “1st anniversary” and went to a temple with a grave.

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