The world’s most wealthy country ranking is Luxembourg (FORBES JAPAN)

Most of the countries that have ranked high in the world’s most wealthy countries are neither a great country nor the strongest country. In fact, most of them are in the category of small countries in the world. Luxembourg is the top of the list released by the British financial magazine Global Finance. Singapore, Ireland, Qatar, Macau, and Switzerland follow Luxembourg, the only largest country in the world. The ranking depends on the indicator of the country’s richness, but such indicators are GDP (GDP, added value of goods and services produced during a certain period of time in Japan), and GDP per person (one person per person. There are the average amount earned in one year, and total income (GNI). GDPs per capita from all over the world are commonly used indicators because they can rank and compare the richness of the country. Is there a fair indicator? “But the GDP per capita does not always match the average wage of those living in the country,” World Population Review explains. “For example, the GDP per capita in the United States in 2019 was $ 65,279 50 cents (about 8.71 million yen), but the average annual wage was $ 5116 (about 6.92 million yen), and the median was 3. It was $ 4248 45 cents (about 4.57 million yen). ” The World Population Review is an analysis of the world’s most rich in the GDP ranking, “There are many people who suffer poverty in the most rich country, and there are many in the poorest country, but the GDP is the whole country. It can be said that it is a fair indicator that indicates a financial situation. ” According to the Global Finance’s description, the most rich country is the largest country in rankings based on GDP. For example, the most wealthy countries in the world based on the data of the International Currency Fund (IMF) are as follows. 1. The United States ($ 18.6 trillion, about 2482 trillion yen) 2. China ($ 11.2 trillion, about 1494 trillion yen) 3. Japan ($ 4.9 카지노 trillion, about 653 trillion yen 4. Germany (3 trillion yen) $ 400 billion, about 453 trillion yen) 5. UK ($ 2.6 trillion, about 346 trillion yen) 6. France ($ 2.5 trillion, about 333 trillion yen) 7. India ($ 2.0 million, about 2.0 trillion, about 293 trillion yen) 8. Italy ($ 1.8 trillion, about 240 trillion yen) 9. Brazil ($ 1.8 trillion, about 240 trillion yen) 10. Canada ($ 1.5 trillion, about 200 trillion yen) Why can the economy of a small country such as Luxembourg, such as avoidance land, be lined up with the economies of the above -mentioned strong countries?

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