[Unicorn S] Anyway, the last leg is emphasized! The favorite of the University of Tokyo HC is Valzacial (SPAIA AI Horse Racing)

This Sunday to the top of the dirt world, GⅢ Unicorn S will be held at the Tokyo Racecourse. Kawachi Western Teacher x Taketoyo Jockey’s Brothers Jutaro, a foreign -based horse, Jutaro, Hasedon, who showed off his legs at the previous run blue dragon S, and industria, who will be dirty from NHK Mile C5. Members of Takajin gathered from each route. [Unicorn Stakes 2022 Forecast] Remake, Convastcheon and other good material gathering! Featured data is a battle that has been named in the past winning horses in the past (SPAIA) (SPAIA edition) Non -Kono Yume, Gold Dream, Levanslave, Cafe Pharaoh, etc. Which horse really controls the success races directly connected to the dart world? We will anticipate the data of the past 10 크레이지슬롯 years. Rising 3 Halon ranks significant difference 1st place [4-4-3-4] win rate 26.7%/consecutive rate 53.3%/win rate 73.3%2nd place [1-1-1 -3] Win rate 16.7%/consecutive rate 33.3%/win rate 50.0%3rd place [5-1-2-4] win rate 41.7%/consecutive rate 50.0%/win rate 66.7%4th place [0-4-5- 114] Winning rate 0.0%/continuous rate 3.3%/2 win rate 7.3% * What I want to keep in the overall tendency in the past 10 years is a 3 halon time. While horses in the third place have been raised in all 10 wins, the fourth place and below are less than 10 % of the win rate. In the racing during the rainy season, there is a factor that it tends to be a riding a leg with good legs, but there is no major change in the tendency to focus on the Ryoba. Basically, you should assemble your expectations with the spirit of “Kirei Life”. Specifically, it is easy to trust horses who have risen at 1600m of Tokyo Dart 1600m and have experienced 3 Halon 3rd place. From 2014 to 2020, he has produced a number of horses, and has decided one -two for five times, except for 2014 and 2019. Last year, horses that did not meet these conditions were the highest, but after the end, JRA’s 3 -year -old dirt route was low. This year will return to the annual trend. Looking at the breakdown of horses that rose slightly or the fourth place in the enforcement of the fourth place, there are many speed types that go to the sprint route after Colinberry, Novo -Bakara, Taisishbarier, etc. In order for the preceding type to run well, it seems that the speed of the thing to say things is required even at a shorter distance than the miles.

Following the last article, it is the first day of a full -fledged trip to Macau. I had to move to the Galaxy Hotel in the evening, so it was filled with ‘activities that can be done around the Sheraton Hotel’. On May 30, 2018, it happened during the day.

Am 10:00

I ate breakfast and prepared it and checked out. I will go to eat from 11:30, so I walked around Studio City Studio City. It is quite recent hotel and is famous for its various attractions, like a complex entertainment hotel. In particular, dinosaurs were famous, but more aliens were visible. In the meantime, Jaewon runs away. I personally liked it, but it was still fresh. In particular, the concept of aliens made drinks, or the photo zone that came out scary when I took a picture. 🙂

On the second floor there is a fun zone decorated with various characters. Although it didn’t go in, it consists of 900 pyeong, so children seem to like it. On the 3rd floor, there is a 4D simulation experience center with the concept of Batman Dark Knight. I decided not to exclude the attractions I had already booked, so I just took a picture and turned around. Overall, it was a very stylish hotel, a studio city.

Am 11:30

To eat, I went to Xin on the first floor of the Sheraton Hotel. It is famous for unlimited hot pots. (Chinese -style shabu -shabu) A variety of meat, seafood and shrimp were full and the taste was good. There are a lot of sauce, but I had a mysterious experience because of the first sources I was born. Of course, the soy sauce was measured in the mouth. ㅋㅋ The price is not bad, so it can be heard at least once with a lunch.

PM 14:20

After eating, I went to the Venetian Hotel. Perhaps it is one of the most famous hotels in Macau. I didn’t know why it was famous, but I think I know it. First of all, it’s pretty. People who like to take pictures are especially good. It’s beautiful to take a picture. First of all, the overall concept is Italy’s Venice, so there are canals, legs, and buildings are pretty. The picture will come out well. In addition, it is artificial sky, so it is not affected by the weather. It is always 24 hours.

Of course, all of this is fake. Sky, buildings, canals, even Bethagong. Nevertheless, it was great. This point is important. Even if it’s fake? It should be noted that 먹튀검증사이트 people want to provide more than expected what people want. Even if you do it right, it’s already a great service. Andrew Porter, the author of the Lies of Sincerity, says: 100% sympathy. Everyone doesn’t have to go to Italy in search of aid.

PM 15:30

I rested in Starbucks and rode gondola. I went to Italy on my honeymoon, but I rode the gondola that I didn’t ride. It’s also a trip with my child, so my choice seems to be different. In fact, I didn’t expect much. However, the story changed when Beth Sagong sang in a gondola and watched the canal. It was a great song than I thought, and it was a great service. Italy was not envious as soon as I listened to the song. It was more than expected.

He also ate egg tart, the most famous snack in Macau. I bought it at Lord Strow’s inside Venetian, but it was different from eating in Korea. It was also delicious to order and eat right away, but it was okay to eat some in the fridge and eat later. Personally, I liked much more than almond cookies. It is also at the Venetian Hotel, and in Taipa Village later. For reference, the Taipea Village is $ 1 more at $ 9 per piece.

PM 19:00

In the evening, I headed to the Galaxy Hotel pool. In fact, the reason why the accommodation was set as the Galaxy is because of the pool. Beyond Macau, it is said to be famous worldwide. What I actually felt was the world’s largest water park. The resort is not enough to see. There were three huge hotels gathered, so there were a lot of things to see. It is my family who knows how to swim, but I had a fun time in a warm swimming pool. Strong Recommendation 🙂

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